Termite Control in Sydney

Termite Control in Sydney

Termite control in Sydney, Australia is the second-highest risk zone for termite attacks. So entire Sydney needs
pest control to resist the damages by pests mainly by the termites.
“White-ant” or Subterranean termites are the most common pest which creates irreparable
timber damage to buildings in Australia. According to a survey of CSIRO 1 of the 3 houses are
severely damaged by termite. This threat increases if there are gum trees within 100 meters
within the house premise.

Main Causes of termite attack in Sydney

● Humidity
At the advent of Summer and monsoon humidity accelerates the problem of termites in Sydney.
In a damp ambience, termites grow rapidly.
● Use of wooden house and furniture
Termites have an irresistible attraction for wood. In Australia maximum dwellings and furniture
are made of wood. Termites are dangerous for wooden things because Cellulose, a component
of wood, is the main sustenance of termites. They eat wood and damage any wooden things.
● Design of the buildings
The automatic watering system, crevices and gaps of houses and furniture allure termites.
● Special habitation of termites
Termites live in colonies because they are social insects. They can work insistently in a group.
Their work habits and habitation have made them more deadly for wooden houses and

Favourite dwellings of termites

Though any damp area is a dwelling place for termites, they are commonly found in
underground tunnels, shelter tubes, gum trees, blowholes of the trees, hollow floors etc.
If wings or piles of dust are found in the house you should be careful because it is a sign of
termites. You should call for a professional pest control agency.

Ways of controlling termites in Sydney

There are two types of termites control procedures. Non-chemical treatment and chemical
Chemical treatments include Liquid soil-applied termiticides, Termite baits, Building materials
impregnated with termiticides and Wood treatments.
● Using of Spray
Termite Control in Sydney spraying is one of the most popular ways of controlling termites. There are many types
of liquid available in Sydney which help to control termites. They are Permethrin, Bifenthrin,
Fipronil, Chlorantraniliprole, Imidacloprid and Chlorfenapyr.
● Use of heat
Termites are killed by heat. At least 120 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes kills termites
● Use repellent termiticide
You can use repellent termiticide on wooden things to protect from termites. It protects the
furniture, shed, deck and fences.
● Termite Baits
Termite bait systems are used to reduce the damage to wooden houses and furniture. These
systems include cellulose baits that contain a slow-acting insecticide. This is one of the safest
ways to control termites. These baits do not harm the environment and human beings.
● Wood treatment
Berates is used to protect wooden things and this is a long-lasting treatment.
You Can use some DIY by yourself throughout the year to control termites in Sydney.
If you are afraid of the harmful effects of the chemicals used for termite control, then you can
adopt some controlling measures.
● Identity the swarms of termites
● Maintain some termite preventive measures like fixing the crevices, leaks, cleaning
the drains and surrounding
In termite eradication and protection of the property, you can use some ways. Many professional
agencies in Sydney eradicate pests in residential and commercial places. They use pesticides
with no or minimal quantity chemicals harmful to the environment and human beings.

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