Wasps & Bees Pest Control

Thriving in domesticated and natural environments, wasps and bees are often found among businesses and homes in the Sydney region. Building their nest within trees or in the cavities and edges of objects and surfaces of a building, both wasps and bees can be a big risk when they get too close to humans.

If you have an allergy to bees or wasps, being stung can be a serious concern. Furthermore, being stung by either species can also lead to:
  • Anaphylaxis reaction
  • Hospitalisation

While they offer important contributions to the ecosystem, the danger they provide is too great of a risk when they settle their nest too close to human interaction. This makes it crucial to eradicate wasps and bees’ nests from your property.

If you spot a wasp or bee nest, it is crucial you do not try to remove the nest yourself. You should also avoid approaching the nest as both species can react aggressively to defend their home. To rid a nest from your business or home, seek expert pest management.

Offering pest control for wasps and bees across Sydney, Quality & Safe Pest Management will help you remove the nest from your premises.

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