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What a Bed Bug Exterminator Has to Tell About These Dreaded Pests?

Unfortunately, having bed bugs in bed is a pretty common issue. You may find them at your home, office, or college dorms. They will leave with a dreaded experience in bed. They leave a very bad taste in your mouth and remind you that they need to be exterminated by bug control experts at the earliest to restore your sleep cycle back to normalcy.

For that you need to hire the best bed bug exterminator in Sydney who will use all his expertise, experience and tools to come up with the instant bed bug extermination service.

Do The Bed Bugs Feed On Humans Only?

Not necessarily. Bed bugs are a variety of pests and found in poultry environments. Certain types of bed bugs are known to paralyse bats as well. They also feed on cats and dogs though the fur on their skin generally protects them.

How Will You Know If Your Home Has A Bed Bug Infestation?

The simplest way of detecting bed bugs is taking into account the instances of biting of these dreaded pests that will cause swelling and persistent redness and itching. However, the most interesting part of the story is that they do not cause equal effect on humans. If two get bitten by the bed bug, it may so happen that one shows signs of the bite and the other will show no symptoms at all. There have been instances when couples have been looking for Pest Control and Bed Bug Exterminator has complained that his or her partner is being bitten. But the reality is, both are being bitten but it is only the partner who is showing symptoms.

One of the most effective steps of pest control is to keep a close vigil so in case there is bed bug infestation you do not overlook the sightings. But here is a catch. Bed bugs are only nocturnally active and hence it is hard to notice them. That’s the reason, the safest way is to hire professionals who are into bed bug control in Sydney. They will use all their experience to find out if there is any infestation of bed bugs.

Another trustworthy clue to infestation of bed bugs is smell. Just like several other species of bugs, bed bugs release certain odours called alarm pheromones. Whenever they feel disturbed they release this odour. So the smell, some of which is unpleasant and some are pleasant is a clue to bed bug infestation. So as per the experts offering pest control in Castle Hill these are the ways to find out the bed bugs.

What Can Be Done To Avoid Bed Bug Infestation?

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to recognise the bed bugs, differentiate them from other pests and insects. An adult bed bug will be of the shape and size of an apple seed. When it is not fed it is flat and brown. When it has fed your blood it turns circular in circumference and turns red. The younger one looks similar but is the size of a pinhead.

On seeing them you must summon experts offering pest control in Carlingford without delay. Even if you have not seen them, you may call the professionals to check out your mattress periodically to be on the safer side. Quality & Safe Pest Management is one of the best names offering bed bug and pest control in and around Sydney. Contact us at 0481 141 877 or write to us at to book our bed bug exterminator.

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