Termites in House

5 Signs You Might Have Termites in House

Termites in House – The possibility of having uninvited guests in the form of termites is common. Mostly to say, in both commercial and residential premises, there are strong chances of having termites. Moreover, in any building, wood is used indoors, windows and furniture are made of wood, and it is common to have termites here. Once the termites kick in, they start growing swiftly, and the damage caused by them to the property is humongous.

Termites are destructive, and in a short period, they can cause damage. It is only with the help of professional pest control services that one can get rid of termites. However, one can hire professional services only if they have a clue of a termite infestation.

Signs that depict termite infestation are as follows:

  1. Mud tubes – termite exterminator service providers often look for mud tubes spread out from the ground along the walls. Perhaps it is the most prominent sign of the presence of termites. Also, commercial pest management service providers explain that these signs depict that the mud tubes indicate their nest being close by. Large woody plants, trees in the garden, or the sides of windows and doors are the familiar places where these mud tubes are often found. Even in high-rise apartment buildings, it is common to see mud tubes. Thus, if you see even a single mud tube, immediately connect with pest control.
  2. Signs for wood damage- termites are different from wood-boring beetles. Termites eat entirely through the wood just below the surface. Therefore, you can understand the magnitude of harm that they can cause. The wood dust created in the process is very coarse and heavier. There could be small holes on the surface of the wood; thus, the damage is extensive, and the entire piece of furniture has to be removed. Therefore as you see the first signs of wear, connect with the commercial pest management company and get rid of termites.
  3. Stuck doors and windows- in most houses, the doors and windows and their frames are made of wood. It is the first place where the termite’s attack. Pest control in-home needs to first start their work from here. Stuck doors and windows are just another sign of their presence. Also, see if there are small holes and if yes, it is time to call residential pest control service providers.
  4. Termite Mounds- termites are from different species and subspecies that look different and have other preferences. Some termites build and live on wood; there are subterranean termites that live underground in the soil. These are common ones and are often documented for making huge mounds and destroying the building or even humans. Even when small in size, termite mounds cause massive property damage. They indicate the vast network of underground tunnels. Only with the help and assistance of advanced Commercial Pest Control Services Sydney can get rid of them. If there are contacted well in time, even the damage or their breeding can be reduced. Thus it is advised to have a proactive approach with termites.
  5. Termite swarms- in warm and humid places, especially during the monsoons, are common. Each of these giant winged termites could indicate the presence of a new queen of a new colony. Termites are primarily localized, yet a few could fly and form newcolonies. Thus any sign of swarm could indicate the presence of an old or a new territory.

Professional Commercial Pest Control Sydney is equipped to check the entire commercial space thoroughly, and in case if they have any sign of termites, they will get to work. Once the termites are from their colonies, it is a cumbersome process to get rid of them. Whereas with a proactive approach, you can protect the building from any damage.

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