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Top Signs That You Need To Book a Flea Treatment Now

Since fleas are small insects, you can hardly notice them with your naked eye. They can easily cause an infestation that might lead to discomfort for you as well as your pet. Typically, these insects like to live in warm areas and can quickly multiply. So, exterminating them without delay is the right plan of action. To do so, you will need to call your local pest control company. They will inspect your property in Sydney or the suburb where you are and take the necessary steps. However, if you would like to know more about the signs that indicate that a flea treatment is required, the points discussed here will certainly help.

Flea Control

  • Itching and Discomfort

The first sign that indicates that you need flea treatment in Sydney or the suburb where you are is the itching and discomfort on your skin. The same can occur with your pets. If you see them scratching and biting, it is a sign that there is a flea infestation, and you need to call exterminators to remove the same.

Since fleas can get into the skin and bite, they can cause irritation and discomfort. So, you will need to get a special treatment done by professionals that consists of applying special chemicals to their hideouts.

  • You Notice Flea on Pet Fur or the Carpets

The second indication that you need to get flea control in Sydney done is when you notice them with your eyes.

Generally, it is very hard to spot these small insects with your naked eye. Nevertheless, if you notice flea dirt that is basically black specks, it is an indication you need to call exterminators to remove them.

You can find flea dirt in pet fur as well as carpets. However, they can still be found in curtains and upholstery.

  • Skin Infections and Per Hair Loss

The next indication that you need to hire pest control in Norwest or the Sydney suburb where you are to get rid of fleas is if you notice that your pet is suffering from skin infections and hair loss.

These two are classic signs of flea infestations since these insects always love to multiply in hair, fur, and similar places. So, pest controllers focus on these areas to remove the insects using the latest tools and techniques.

  • You Notice Flea Larvae and Eggs

The next indication that you need to hire pest control in Richmond or the Sydney suburb where you stay is when you notice flea larvae and eggs.

Typically, these eggs are white and tiny, but they can hardly be spotted with the naked eye. However, flea larvae emerging from these eggs are small worm-like creatures and can be found easily in pet fur or carpets. To remove them, pest controllers will use proprietary solutions.

These are the primary signs of a flea infestation. If you notice them, you should get a treatment done by the experts without delay to avoid an explosion of their population.

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