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Termite Control During the Construction of A New Home – A Discussion

Termites have been the eternal foes of human habitats. The last thing that a household wants to see is their property infested by termites. Hence, experts are of the opinion that any possibility of termite infestation has to be nipped in the bud. And for that, you need to summon the best name to offer pest control in Kellyville if and when the builders complain about the likelihood of termite infestation while your home is being built.

Why is Pre-construction Termite Control So Important?

In the event that the location where the home is being built has a termite problem, it is almost certain that you will be plagued by a perpetual problem of termite infestation all throughout, which will rip you off thousands of dollars. So pre-construction termites will help you financially in an immense way. Besides,  when you intend to keep termites away from the very start, it helps you make conscious decisions while conceptualising the designs and landscapes of your home.

And most importantly, once your home comes up, the soil and the foundation on which it stands become inaccessible. Once that happens, the termite control method that has to be adapted becomes extremely complex and expensive. That is why it is always wiser to summon experts offering termite control in Sydney before or during construction, which is an extremely crucial step to take.

The Steps of Pre-Construction Termite Control

Pre-construction termite control has several steps. Let us discuss them.Depending on the type of your home, the variety of termites active in the location of your property, and a few other factors, the professionals will determine the type of termite treatment that is suitable to be applied. Let us discuss them.

Reducing Wood-to-Soil Contact

The subterranean variant of termites that live underground and enter homes to look out for food. Excessive wood-to-soil contact will give easy access to your home. That’s why experts offering pest control in Liverpool, like anywhere else, will suggest keeping the wood-to-soil contact ratio to a minimum. Also, you need to use termite resistant woods to further reduce the chance of termite infestation.

Treating the Soil

As subterranean termites are assumed to be the most destructive termite species, the professionals will carry out specified soil treatments to ensure there is no risk of infestation in the future. The type of chemical used or the method of treatment adapted entirely depends on the type of soil you have at the site of the construction.

Liquid Treatment

The professionals who are into termite removal in Sydney will also conduct liquid treatment depending on the gravity of the infestation. In this method, the professionals generally bore a tunnel into the soil around your home, and filled it up with liquid termiticide. As and when the termites get in touch with the treated soil, they are instantly killed. This extermination method is time saving and extremely cost effective.

So when it comes to termite control before or during construction, you need to hire the best company that is familiar with these methods. If you are in and around Sydney, Quality & Safe Pest Management is the best name to turn to. Call us today to book a service.

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