Rats are the most harmful insect infestation in the home. In addition to wasting items and food, they are also responsible for various health problems. If rat enters in home, then life becomes unbearable. From books and necessary paperwork to clothes, nothing is safe from rats.

You have to remember that rats are in groups. So, if you see a rat, you have to understand that there are probably five, six or more rats. As you may think, the biggest tool to get rid of rats is pesticides. But using pesticides at home can be harmful to your family members and pets.

How to get rid of rats?

The most permanent way to get rid of rats is to block the entrance to the house. Rats can enter the house through very small gaps. That’s why you have to find such a gap first. These animals usually enter the house through gaps in walls, ceilings and floors. You can get rid of rats if you close them with something hard.

A cat can stop the infestation of rats in your home. If you keep a cat in the house, it can make your house rat-free. Some dogs do the job, though not as effectively as cats. Rats love pet food. So, if you leave your pets, they will attack the rats to protect their food.

The rats enter the house mainly in search of food. If they fail to find food at home, they will stop coming to your house. That’s why you need to be more careful in storing food. You can use airtight container to store food. If a food box or a bag is torn or left open, you need to keep in mind that rats can get inside even with small gaps. Stay careful and stay healthy.

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