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Hiding Places of Ants that Exterminators Usually Treat

Ant infestation is one of the most common problems seen in households as well as establishments. These are small insects and thus, they can hide anywhere. However, one way to find their hiding spots is to follow their movement. These insects move in lines in between their hiding spots. But if you are wondering where you can find them easily, this is the post that you should follow since we will discuss the hiding spots of ants here. Also, if you find that the ant infestation is getting harder to manage, you should book an extermination service in Sydney or the suburb where you are situated.


Moist areas attract ants a lot. So, these are one of their favourite hiding spots. In fact, this is another reason why ant exterminators in Sydney and the surrounding suburbs treat bathrooms comprehensively.

Generally, ant populations hide in toilets, sinks, tubs and even inside unused pipes with cracks. However, with proper treatment, they can be eliminated from this place.


The second place where ants generally hide is in the kitchen. The reason is apparent, the food particles present in this place. Furthermore, if there are sweet staples present in these places such as honey, sugar or syrups, you can expect a massive infestation since these insects are fond of sweet food. So, the professionals carrying out ant control in Sydney treat kitchens with attention to detail.


The third place where ants generally hide is none other than the bedrooms. Since this is a large place, hiding and multiplying is relatively easy. The ants just find cracks or holes through which they get in, hide and multiply. However, apart from the crevices on the walls, they can hide and multiply on the bed or the couch or the sofa. So, this is yet another place that the exterminators treat rigorously.

Inside Walls of All Places   

Ants generally hide inside walls. This can be anywhere and not just the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom. Sometimes, ants can hide in the crevices of the external walls as well. However, in this scenario, they can be quite hard to detect. So, for the removal of these insects from properties, you need to hire experienced ant exterminators from a company offering pest control in Castlereagh or the Sydney suburb where you are situated.

Living Rooms

This is another common place where the ants hide. So, the exterminators put this place on their priority as well.

If ants have been detected in the living room, rest assured that their hiding places are the upholsteries, carpets, couches and other similar places. Basically, when the ants are hiding inside the fabric, thorough treatment is needed for their elimination.


Ants can easily hide in the basement as well since this place remains moist most of the time. Additionally, dirt and dust attract them to build nests and multiply. So, the professionals carrying out pest control in Cecil Hills and other Sydney suburbs treat these areas too with attention to detail.

The ones that we mentioned are the main hiding spots of ants and are highly treated. But there are other places too which are less common and we will discuss them later.

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